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06-08-2004 - International Conference on Muslims and Islam in the 21st Century: Image and Reality

Closing Speech by the President of IIUM at the Senate Hall of IIUM Gombak Main Campus of the Conference on Muslims and Islam in the 21st Century: Image and Reality on 6th August 2004.

Assalaamu’alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh.

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil ‘alamin, wassalaatu wassalaamu’ala asyrafil anbiyai wal mursalin, wa’ala a lihi wasahbihi ajma’in.

Mdm. Chairperson, 
The Honorable Rector, 
Deputy Rectors, 
Chairman and members of the organising committee,
Fellow members of the academic staff of IIUM,
Scholars and thinkers,
Invited guests,
Ladies and gentlemen:

Dissatisfaction and Constraints

We have now come to the end of our three days conference.

I am sure none of us are satisfied with the time constraints due to the massive number of papers presented and discussed.

It is a good thing that we are not satisfied, as one of my greatest fears in this university is when lecturers and students are satisfied with what they have achieved.

With satisfaction our struggle might end.

I am glad to inform that I have read all the 90 plus number of papers, given to me since before the conference began. I read them all in order that I will not repeat what have been said in them. Congratulations and thank you for all the wisdom in them, I will talk of other things. Here I go.


It is a divine coincidence that we all meet at this conference in Kuala Lumpur. Some of us have coincidentally met in conferences at other places. These coincidences keep on recurring until we wonder whether they are really coincidences at all.

It is for this reason that Agatha Christie wrote:

“‘Any coincidence’, said Miss Marple to herself ‘is always worth noting. You can always throw it away later if it is only a coincidence.’”

In his book ‘Beyond Coincidence’ author Martin Plimmer and Brian King narrated the coincidences such as:

Laura Buxton, aged ten, releases a balloon from her garden in Staffordshire. It lands 140 miles away in Wiltshire, in the garden of another Laura Buxton, also aged ten.

Is this a coincidence?

Or is it something beyond coincidence?

Two sisters in Alabama decide, independently, to visit the other.

En route, their identical jeeps collide and both are killed.

The authors Martin and Brian asked:

Is someone playing snap with our lives?

Could it be the hand of God?

Or is it magic?

Or are we, as some scientists have suggested, being granted an insight into a hyper-connected universe whose ubiquitous web-like workings we can only dimly discern?

These are questions raised by mathematicians.

But mathematicians are not fanciful people.

They are rationalists, using number to understand life’s mysteries. Where others see coincidences as evidence of magic or divine intervention, they see the laws of probability in action.

These are coincidences in Britain and the U.S.A..

In Asia too we had our coincidences.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We all know that the Second World War ended with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

Why was Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed and not Tokyo or the other cities in Japan?

The obvious answer is that they are two of the most industrialised cities in Japan, besides Tokyo.

In these two cities the weapons for war was supposed to be manufactured.

But was it true?

Was it true that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cities where war planes and bombs were manufactured?


It is not true.


General Dwight Eisenhower married before the war and went to Japan, with his wife, for their honeymoon. They visited Kyoto.

The general and his wife liked Kyoto so much that when the war with Japan started the general advised the air force to bomb any city in Japan, in order to end the war, except Kyoto.

After the war general Eisenhower revisited Japan.

With his wife he went to Kyoto.

Upon arrival he asked Hirota Koki, the prime minister of Japan at that time, whether there was anything new in Kyoto since his last and first visit before the war.

Hirota Koki told the general that all factories making bombers for the war were built in Kyoto.

When asked for the reason, Hirota Koki said that the Japanese intelligence knew of the general’s directive not to bomb Kyoto and therefore it was thought to be the safest place to have those war industries, and the safety of Kyoto was guaranteed by general Eisenhower himself.

With the directive not to bomb Kyoto, the U.S. Air force thought it unnecessary to do any surveillance on Kyoto.

This was a mistake.

They would have bombed, and thereby reversed the general’s directive of not bombing Kyoto, had they located the factories there upon surveillance.

Is this the only time that the American bombed places where they thought that bombers were manufactured, although it was actually not in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but in Kyoto?

It would have been a historical accident until the American started bombing Iraq because they believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when Iraq did not really have them.

It does appear that when one wants to bomb some targets, one has to imagine that the target poses a danger, if not real then it could be imagined.

The bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the bombings of other cities in Iraq were not just coincidences but just sheer irresponsibilities.

On the one hand it was the missing bombers factory in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and on the other it was the missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In actuality it was Eisenhower’s honeymoon which caused the disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Manchuria and Thailand

In 1936 the Japanese attacked Manchuria.

There was much anger at the League of Nations in Den Hague.

A motion was tabled at the league to condemn Japan for occupying Manchuria.

All nations voted against Japan except Thailand.

When Japan decided to attack Malaya and Singapore the Thai government approached the Japanese with an appeal not to harm the Thais, when they passed through Thailand, on their way to conquer the British colonies of Malaya and Singapore.

The Japanese agreed, after all Thailand did not condemn Japan six years ago when Japan occupied Manchuria.

Was that farsightedness on the part of the Thai ambassador as not to vote against Japan in 1936 thereby appearing to prepare for the defense of Thailand in the forthcoming Second World War?

The answer is no.

The Thai ambassador in Den Hague could not communicate with Bangkok to get a directive on the way to vote, as his embassy’s wireless set broke down.

It was just a technical failure of the wireless set and not an evidence of genius on the part of the Thai ambassador as not to vote against Japan.

It was the broken down wireless set which saved the lives of the Thais during the Second World War.


When the United States of America planned to form APEC or Asia Pacific Economic Caucus, the Ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad wrote a letter to President Suharto of Indonesia and sent it through the Malaysian ambassador in Jakarta, together with an aide memoir, for the ambassador, containing points of discussion should the President wish to know more of Tun Mahathir’s alternative idea of forming EAEC or East Asia Economic Caucus.

Due to the carelessness of the despatch official both the letter meant for President Suharto and the aide memoir for the Malaysian ambassador to Indonesia landed on Henry Kissinger’s table in Washington D.C.

Suharto then became the good friend of the Americans and Mahathir became the bad guy.

Mahathir’s idea was simple and that is the East Asian nations should be able to take care of themselves within EAEC and the Americans, the Australians and the New Zealanders, being Western, should not be meddling with our Asian affairs.

Suharto became the American favourite in this part of the world until he became more interested in Islam then, and only then, the pro-democracy forces for reformation overthrew him.

I am quoting all these coincidences to show how trivialities, such as a honeymoon, the breakdown of a wireless machine, an aid memoir wrongly despatched, could affect policies of nations and the lives of many people on this earth.

O.I.C., U.N., and F.A.O.

We heard yesterday our prime minister lamenting on the attitude of O.I.C. Countries for not keeping up with their joint commitment to vote for the same proposal, agreed between OIC members, when voting really takes place at the U.N.

Coincidentally, I had the same experience at the F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organisation) meeting in Rome when I was the Agriculture Minister of Malaysia.

I was asked by the Malaysian government to oppose the European community’s application to be a member, as a group, of the F.A.O., as individual members of the E.C. were already members of the organization.

In our campaign to oppose the E.U.’s entry we entertained many friendly nations for dinner. Our stand was highly respected.

Judging by the attendance at our dinner, we would have won by a landslide.

On voting day we lost.

Malaysia’s objection was only supported by the Maldives.

I received many well-meaning condolences from representatives of those friendly countries whose friendships could not uphold the principles against the wishes of powerful nations.

Could voting against better judgements by O. I. C. Countries in the U.N. and friendly countries at the F.A.O. be regarded as a coincidence?

Second World War

During the Second World War we learnt that the Russians were with the allied forces against the Fascist Nazis of Germany and Italy.

We also learnt that the Chinese were with the West against Japan.

After the war, those who supported the allies against Germany and Japan, i.e. Russia and Poland, became enemies of the allies, while enemies of the allies during the war, i.e. Germany and Japan, became friends of the allies.

Is it a coincidence that friends in war should become enemies in peace?

Or is there another underlying reality which determines all decisions affecting nations of the world.

We cannot call it a conspiracy as those who conspire do not like it. It has to be a coincidence.


In recent years we hear the word democracy being popularised.

To some, democracy has become a religion.

The power that popularise democracy appears to be the American.

But we are perplexed in observing the non-objection of the American government to the coop in Ghana by captain Rawlings and the army take-over in Pakistan by General Musharraf.

I did not have the chance to ask General Musharraf on how he did it in Pakistan. But I had the chance to ask Captain Rawlings, during a dinner held in Accra for the delegates of the AARRO (Afro Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation) conference, on how his coop was not objected by the Americans as the champion of democracy.

Captain Rawlings said, ‘if you intend to stage a coop in your own country you must quickly, after the coop, declare your willingness to work with the Americans.’

When I asked for clarification captain Rawlings explained that ‘the Americans are only interested in having their friends in power, as national leaders, irrespective of whether they be monarchies or dictatorships; in fact they will not be happy even with democratically elected leaders if they do not consider those leaders as their friends.’

Captain Rawlings confirmed what I have always assumed.

What Sort of Friends

If by just being a democratically elected leader a person is still not necessarily regarded as a friend by the champion of democracy, and if a non-elected leader can be regarded as a friend of the champion of democracy, even if he is a military dictator of a hereditary monarch, what then is the criteria for friendship especially when even an ally in a war can be regarded as an enemy in peace time?

Capitalism and Communism

There is an obvious coincidence between the choice of friends before the Second World War and after the second world war.

Before the war it was a choice between fascism and those who are the victims of fascism.

After fascism was defeated during the war, the contests, after the war, were between capitalism and communism.

The fascist nations of Germany and Japan became capitalist nations such as the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

The pillar of capitalism is of course the banking and financial system.

Whoever opposes capitalism, or touches on the supremacy of the banking system is of course an enemy of capitalism.

This supremacy of the banking system is sacredly protected and defended as i will show in some of the coincidences in history.

Closure of Syech Zaid Centre in Abu Dhabi

I first mentioned of these coincidences at the Syech Zaid Centre in Abu Dhabi before it was closed due to the pressure of the Jewish community operating from Harvard University. Mine was probably the last speech before the closure although not the cause of it.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 14th April, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth.

Among the reasons for his assassination, there was one reason which coincided with the assassination or attempted assassination of other leaders in the world.

He meddled with the banking system.

He printed the us dollars in green ink, called the green-backs, and legalised money through the House of Representatives, by ignoring the bankers.

He was assassinated.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald. He performed the same feat as Abraham Lincoln. He printed billions of us dollars and legalised them through the House of Representatives. He did not please the bankers.

When the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald was asked whether she would blame Angleton for the assassination of the president, she replied that there was not enough money with the CIA to finance the assassination of a president and that one should ask the bankers.

Richard Milhaus Nixon

On 22nd February 1974, Samuel Byck went to the nearest airport near Washington d.c., shot the airport security, went into an aeroplane, shot the air hostess, shot the co-pilot, then persuaded the other pilot to fly to the white house to kill Richard Nixon at breakfast time.

Samuel shot himself after having shot that other pilot who had earlier informed the FBI, by wireless, of what was happening in the plane.

The attempt to assassinate Nixon failed. The assassination attempt was not publicised and was quite unknown and easily forgotten.

Monetarily, and coincidentally, Nixon angered the bankers because in 1971, he withdrew gold backing from the US dollars, without consultation with the bankers.

Nixon was politically assassinated, for lying, by the Watergate, which was really a red herring.

Al Malik Faisal

On 25th march, 1975, the King of Saudi Arabia Al Malik Faisal was shot by his nephew, Prince Faisal Mas’ud while attending the Kuwaiti national day reception. Prince Faisal Mas’ud was acquitted on the first charge where he claimed that Al Malik Faisal was responsible for the death of his brother Prince Malik Mas’ud who was shot by the police while demonstrating at the television station because he had opposed the introduction of television to Saudi Arabia by Al Malik Faisal.

The killing was done on the principle of an eye for an eye.. It was an accepted act of justice.

But Faisal Mas’ud’s head was chopped off because he was guilty of the second charge which was not made known to the public.

Al Malik Faisal is of course known for his intention to introduce the petro dollar, which would have been a competitor to the US dollar, even before the euro.

If the Lady Minister of Sweden, who is not a Muslim, could be murdered in cold blood while campaigning in favour of introducing the Euro into Sweden, which would eventually infect all Scandinavian countries, it is not difficult to imagine the opposition to the petro dollar, particularly when it was to be introduced in Islamic petroleum producing countries.

The petro dollar itself is enough as a burning confrontational product without adding fuel by labelling it Islamic. The financiers and bankers would have been pleased with King Faisal’s death or not unhappy with it even if they were not involved in its planning.

Albino Luciani – Pope John Paul 1

In the morning of 29th September, 1978, Albino Luciani or Pope John Paul 1 was found dead after being a pope for 33 days. The Vatican claimed that he died of a heart attack. But albino’s doctor refuted the claim as albino was a regular mountain climber and suffers from low blood pressure, a habit and a weakness which negates the possibility of a heart attack. The pope was in perfect health after he climbed a mountain about three days before his untimely death.

The author David Yallop in his book entitled ‘In God’s Name ‘claimed that two bankers, Roberto Calvi and Sindona were manipulating the Vatican funds. The pope wanted to distribute the Vatican’s wealth to the poor of the world, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Had the pope lived and implemented his programme, for the poor, by withdrawing vast deposits in existing united states banks, he would have drained and suffocated the united states banking system due to the massive credit squeez which would automatically follow as a reverse process to the multiplier effect of credits made available by the deposits.

The Pope was poisoned, Roberto Calvi was found hung under the black-friar bridge in London and Sindona, who was undergoing trial for banking fraud, in Milan prison, committed suicide by drinking cyanide, which was brought to him in a bottle together with a letter which he read and found it necessary to end his life if his family is to be saved.

Coincidental Deaths

If a Catholic, a Protestant, a Muslim, a Hereditary Monarch, a democratically elected leader, an Arab, an Italian, an Irishman and an American can be killed for displeasing anybody or somebody, sane citizens of the world must decide whether to cooperate, to submit, to manipulate or to oppose anybody or somebody who is or are responsible for the coincidental flow of innocent blood.

Are these really coincidences in history?

Banking and Financial Reform

Having seen the woes against the propagators of banking and financial reform, we should be aware of the bigger picture plaguing the world scene thereby hiding the true reasons behind the current conflicts that cannot be understood in isolation.

If one asks for only one word which separates Islam, Christianity and Judaism on the one hand, and Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Zen Buddhism, on the other the glaring answer in one word is ‘usury ’.

It does appear that there is a fundamental change in attitude towards usury by the Christians and the Jews, which separates them from the Muslims

Non-Muslims were sceptical of the idea of Islamic banking in the past. But today, even jewish bankers or banks whose shares are owned by Jews, have opened Islamic banking counters to receive or accept the much coveted deposits from Muslims. The only Islamic part of the bank is probably at the counters. After all money is neutral, neither racial nor religious.

In Islam, the understanding and discussion on benefits, interests or riba, depending on rates, is quite elaborate and when propagators of Islamic statehood talk about the imposition of the Syariah law, in any state, there is always the image of cutting of hands in the forefront and interest on deposits and loans in the background.

This is an area where we have to sort out our priorities.

Islamic Syariah

Propagators of Islamic statehood are labelled by the west as fundamentalists. Those who know Islam would of course object to the disapproving attitude towards Muslim fundamentalists, as Muslim fundamentalists should be good human as the fundamentals of Islam are good and divine.

Terrorism is attributed to Islamic fundamentalism.

Is it true that the west is against terrorism, against the Syariah which among others call for amputation?

What is it in Islam that frightens the west or the group from the west?

Definitely the west is not against terrorism because the west supports state terrorism by Israel. Even some of those who condemn terrorism needed only to look straight into the mirror to recognize the real terrorists. The west have also terrorized the common people of Afghanistan and Iraq, against the wish of the united nations.

Fear of Islamic Economics

So long as amputation is not done on non-Muslims, as they are protected by human rights, i do not think they mind if Muslims are amputated.

With the collapse of communism, there is only Islam which is feared by the capitalist west. The fear is not of the hudud, of what we eat, what we do not drink. How we dress, whether we have a moustache. A beard or not, whether we wish to have up to four wives or just one.

They do not object to our prayers, our hajj or our fardhu ain.

But they fear our alternative Islamic monetary and economic system. This system will offset or just delay their plan for total economics and monetary domination in the new world order.

Their interest in petroleum and gases is not because of its usage, but because of the wealth, or money, that goes with it. Even if there is alternative fuel in the United States, they will still want to control the oil, with us, if it can still make the countries possessing them to be wealthy.

The Money Facts of the 88th Congress of the U.S.A. – The Federal Reserve Bank.

On 21st September, 1964, 39 years 10 months and 23 days ago, the sub-committee on domestic finance of the committee on banking and currency of the united states house of representatives presented to the 2nd session of the 88th congress the money ‘facts’ containing answers to 169 questions on money in a supplement to a primer on money.

Among the questions and answers are:

Who has the right to create money in the United States?
Under the constitution, it is the right and duty of congress to create money.

It is left entirely to Congress.

To whom has the Congress delegated this money-creating right?

To the banking system, that is, to the Federal Reserve System and to the Commercial Banks of the country.

Why is the money creating power important?

By creating money, banks provide the exchange media that the economy needs to prosper and grow.

Since the growth and proper functioning of the united states economy require increasing amounts of money over the years, those who control the amount of money exercise great power over business activity, the incomes people earn and our economic strength.

Does Congress supervise Federal Reserve policy making?


In practice, the Federal Reserve is independent in its policy making. The federal reserve neither requires nor seeks the approval of any branch of the U. S. Government for the formulation and enforcement of its policies.

The system itself decides what ends its policies are aimed at and then takes whatever action it sees fit to reach those ends.

These are only four answers to four questions asked among the 169 questions and answers on money in the money facts.

From these four questions and answers we can summarise that:

‘the Federal Reserve System and the commercial banks in the U.S. Form the national banking system which is privately owned and delegated with power by the Congress, itself empowered by the Constitution, with the sole right to create money, without supervision by the Congress or any branch of the government, with the ability to decide by itself what ends its policies are aimed at and then takes whatever action it sees fit to reach those ends thereby controlling the money supply for business activity, income of the people and economic growth’.

Prominent Jewish Families

Coincidentally, the owners of the Federal Reserve System are members of known prominent families, on joint venture with the state reserve banks. The state reserve banks, on the other hand, are also owned by the same families who are their partners, in owning the Federal Reserve System.

These families therefore control all business activity, income for the people and economiy of the nation.

Who are these families?

They are the Morgans, the Rockfellers, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Loebs, the Kuhns, the Kahns and the Sachs. All Jews and inter-related.

What a coincidence.

U.S. President – powerless over money

What does it matter who becomes the president of the United States of America? He has no power over money.

When Woodrow Wilson campaigned for the presidency of the United States of America he won based on the campaign slogan: ‘he kept us out of war’, that is the first world war.

In the congrational record of 1917, it was recorded that, ‘ in march 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests … got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the united states, and to identify sufficient number of them to control, generally, the policy of the daily press …they found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers.

When Lord Balfour, the Foreign Minister of Britain visited the United States of America in 1917, he promised the Jewish bankers that Britain will recognise the Zionist movement if America assists Britain by entering the First World War.

The American public was at that time against America going to war.

Within five months after the promise to recognise Zionism, all the twenty five newspapers, mentioned earlier, succeeded in getting the public to support the war and got America into it.

Government by the Media

That was in 1917 before we have the TVs, the videos, the VCDs and other means of communication. One can just imagine what they own now.

It is only in nations where the communication apparatus are not so advanced that leaders still depend on personal appearances among the people, and effective rhetoric in front of them, in order to gain power.

In many nations government by the people merely means government by the media who manipulates the minds of the unschooled voters. The media, on the other hand manipulates, in line with the appetite of their wealthy owners.

In nations where conflicting forces are equally wealthy, and victories are by small and unconvincing margins, whoever wins, it is still the bankers and financiers who finally call the shots.

Greek Philosophers

I was in Athens, Greece a few months ago. They were busy preparing for the 2004 Olympics. They have a lot to offer the tourists in term of history. There is a lot to see in term of the physical structure left to them by their ancestors.

Besides history they have nothing else to be proud of at that time. Even now the western media is trying hard to invite spectators to their Olympics, to comfortably fill the stadium.

They are trying to explain the fear of Muslim terrorists as being the reason for the poor response. I think, even the terrorists are not impressed or attracted to what is there.

After all the fear of Muslim terrorists is self generated by them for which they are now paying the toll.

But what saddened me most is the knowledge that this was the land of philosophers. With so much brain power evidenced in their heritage their thinking could not have all been wrong as to leave them in this state of affairs.

Or is it that they do not put in practice of what they know?

‘Al Ilmu Bila Amal ka Syajari Bila Samar.’

Or have one thinker annihilates, mutilates and manipulates the thoughts of the others?

Or have one thinker, in his arrogance, ignore or condemn the knowledge and discipline in others?

Or have they changed their priorities?

1992 Olympics in Barcelona and Science Expo in Sevilla

12 years ago in 1992 the Olympics was held in Barcelona, Spain. Not being a sports enthusiast I did not even think of going there. But in the same year there was another great event in Spain which was the Science Expo in Seville.

It was not a coincidence.

The Europeans had never allowed two great events being staged in one country in any one year. But 1992 was a significant year for Spain as they have a great occasion to remember. Because of the occasion the Europeans have decided to honor Spain with the two events as the Europeans also share in the glory of the occasion.

I attended the science expo in Seville. I enjoyed myself and I saw many Muslim brothers and sisters also enjoying and celebrating the occasion.

I entered the history pavilion to understand the significance of the occasion. With my limited Spanish I could still understand what the commentator was saying, i. e:

‘Five hundred years ago in 1492, on this spot in Seville, the last Muslim state of Granada surrendered to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Since then, for 500 years till today, we have managed to keep the Muslims out of Europe, let us pray that they will remain outside for the next 500 years. This is an occasion to celebrate.`

In other words, unknowingly, I and my wife and the other Muslims present were celebrating the fall of Islam. Na’uzubillah.

I am glad to inform that on 10th July, 2003, on my 60th birthday, a mosque was officiated in Seville by the Ruler of Sharjah. It was also Tun Dr. Mahathir’s 78th birthday.

It was a great coincident. For which I am very glad.


Let us therefore hope, and say du’a to Allah s.w.t. That the ideas of Muslim leaders, thinkers and scholars could be widely disseminated, communicated and elaborated in as many centers as possible in the world, in order that we have a common input, which will be the source of inspiration for the ummah.

We are lucky that Allah s.w.t. Have given us the Qur’an, the source of all knowledge and inspiration, without which we would not all be here today.

When bombs were dropped on Afghanistan, missiles shot in Iraq and tanks rolled into Palestine we prayed that:

The Muslims would win – but we lost,

The Muslims would survive – but we die, and

The enemies of Islam would lose – but they won.

In other words our prayers have not been answered.

We might have sent the wrong password or logged in the wrong combination.

If our thoughts, our systems, our motivation and our methodology are all in order, then it must be the akhlak of our leaders which are in question.

Muslim leaders worldwide cannot attack corruption if they are corrupt, they cannot restore morality if they are immoral, and they cannot use power wisely if they have acquired brutally and meanly.

To those who crave excessive wealth, their Prophets are the Morgans, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in New York.

To those who have sex as their obsession their Kaabah is in Hollywood.

To those who crave for excessive power they will eventually lose it all in Las Vegas.

In parting, I beg of you to pray for this university that it will be one of those where future leaders could unite the Muslims and will not be leaders who will metamorphosize into wickedness with power, into sin with wealth and into insanity with sex.

There lies our hope.

In the name of Allah I declare this conference closed.

Thank you.

Syukran jazeela.

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